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Thank you!

Dear Parents & Carers,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all my gifts, cards and warm wishes!
I have fully enjoyed working with yourselves and your children this year and I wish you all a very lovely Summer!

Many thanks again,

Mrs Stalker (and of course Baby Stalker)

Our House Challenge

For our final challenge, we made our own Leyland town. We had to decide what type of house to build e.g. semi-detached, detached, bungalow, terraced etc. We then had to add details such as bricks, windows, gutters etc. Once our individual houses were made we put them together to make a town and then added road furnitures such as benchs, signs etc..

We have had a super day at Beacon Fell! We’ve been on a bear hunt, walked to the summit, seen sculptures, made dens and played hide and seek!!! Even though we were a little soggy we have had a fantastic day. Thank you to everyone who helped us today!

The Eclipse

Our pupils experienced their first total eclipse this morning – amazing!

The Eclipse from Year62008LeverHouse on Vimeo.

Red Nose Day Learning

We had a fabulous Red Nose Day. We learnt some dances, how to stack cups, Russian, Spanish and much more!!!

trim.628E0BCE-E8BD-439D-ADA4-4D13ADDB5C34 from Claire France on Vimeo.

Today has been a very special day at Lever House as the children took over as teachers and taught us all some excellent new skills. Well done everyone!!

IMG 0663 from Lever House Primary on Vimeo.

Our China Project

We were given the challenge to create a video all about China. We had to write down 37 things that we had learnt about China so we all had something to say. We then learnt how to use the Green Screen.

We hope you enjoy it!!

trim.92C180D8-906A-4987-A9AA-9E7B698B3810 from Claire France on Vimeo.

Mrs Shannon’s visit

We were very lucky to have Mrs Shannon in to talk to us about keeping our teeth healthy. We learnt that we needed to brush our teeth twice a day and also eat less sugar. Thank you for coming in Mrs Shannon!!

Tots on Tyres

As part of our Sports Development, we are very lucky to have ‘Tots on Tyres’. We learn a lot of skills including balancing and control during these sessions.

We made dancing dragons and lanterns.
We love our China topic!

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